TerraCottem complement

Physical soil conditioner.

Supplement to TerraCottem universal.

Each TerraCottem soil conditioner contains water absorbing, growth stimulating and nutritive components. They all work in synergy to stimulate root development and plant growth, even in poor and degraded soils. The effect is twofold: you get sustainable, healthy plant growth and savings of up to 50% in irrigation water, even in challenging conditions.

TerraCottem complement has been specially formulated for applications in flower beds and horticulture previously treated with the “universal” soil conditioner.

TerraCottem complement replenishes the components that have been consumed by the plants during the previous growing season and those lost each time a crop or annuals are pulled from the soil. Due to its application the nutrient and water holding capacity of soils and growing media is kept in optimal conditions.

TerraCottem complement is volcanic lava enriched with NPK fertiliser with trace elements, waterabsorbant polymers and biostimulants.

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Apply TerraCottem complement when planting, in areas where the “Universal” soil conditioner has been applied the previous growing season.

  • Crops (agriculture, horticulture, etc.)
  • Flower beds
Application frequency
  • Once per season, when planting or just before seeding.n
  • Healthier plants & increased yields
  • Increased survival rate
  • Earlier harvesting
  • Increased water retention capacity
  • Water saving
  • Better germination
  • Faster & better plant establishment
  • Stronger & deeper root development

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